Set up linkages between events and data entry forms in an IU REDCap longitudinal project

In IU REDCap, to create linkages between events and data entry forms, use the "Designate Forms for my Events" page.

On the "Designate Forms for my Events" page, each arm of your longitudinal study has its own tab. To link data entry forms to events, choose an arm, and then click Begin Editing. Check the boxes to select the forms that should be completed for any given event, and then click Save. You will see a grid displaying the data entry forms that are assigned for completion during each event.

Make sure to designate forms for your events while the project is in development mode. Once the project is in production, these associations can be changed only by the REDCap administrator to ensure existing data are not corrupted.

If you have questions about IU REDCap, or need help setting up or managing an IU REDCap project, email IU REDCap support.

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