How do I move reports from Development to Test and Production in SSAS?

When moving reports in SSAS, the supported process is to use SQL Server Management Studio and always open the SSAS database from the server. Do not deploy a local Visual Studio project to the server; doing so will remove your access to the database.

Following are best practices and standards for deploying SSAS projects when using Visual Studio Project Development or moving SQL SSAS XMLA from instance to instance.

  • Development instance:
    • Open the SSAS database in Visual Studio. Click File, then Open, and then SSAS DB. This is the only possible method that can be supported; do not deploy a local project to the server.
  • Test instance:
    Visual Studio projects should not be deployed to test. Only changes (deltas) should be deployed to test, because full deployments could potentially remove server-side DB_Role security. Deploying a project will result in the removal of your ability to manage the SSAS database.
    • Developers: To use SSMS, right-click the object, then select Script Database as, CREATE to, and then New Query Editor Window. Use the XML generated and ALTER to the test instance.
      • To use Script Database as:
        1. Open the departmental database on the location from which you want to copy data.
        2. Drag and drop the XMLA file previously created, or open it using the File menu from the SSMS toolbar. Right-click and select Script Database as, then click CREATE to, and then New Query Editor Window. The XMLA will open in the "Query" window.
        3. Click Execute, which will add the data to the instance database.
          If you are unable to locate the Execute button, add it to your toolbar: From the Tools menu, click Options, Customize, and then Select SQL Server Analysis Services Editors.
        4. After moving a cube, right-click it and select Process, using the appropriate settings for your deployment.
  • Production instance:
    • Submit all SSAS change requests to EDSS. Be sure to include the DB and objects to be moved from test to production.
    • Direct moves to production from any instance other than test are not permitted.

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