Statically link the ARPACK numerical library to your program on Big Red II at IU

ARPACK (the Arnoldi Package) is a collection of Fortran 77 subroutines for solving large eigenvalue problems. ARPACK is capable of solving large-scale symmetric (Hermitian), non-symmetric (non-Hermitian), standard, or generalized eigenvalue problems from significant application areas. For more, see the ARPACK home page and ARPACK Users' Guide: Solution of Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems with Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Methods.

Although many of the ARPACK subroutines are incorporated in the Cray Scientific Libraries (LibSci) package, a complete set of statically-linked ARPACK subroutines compiled for the Cray programming environment is available on Big Red II at Indiana University.

Before adding the ARPACK libraries to your user environment on Big Red II, you must load the Cray programming environment module (PrgEnv-cray); on the command line, enter:

  module load PrgEnv-cray

To add the ARPACK libraries to your Big Red II user environment, load the arpack/cray/1996 module; on the command line, enter:

  module load arpack/cray/1996

To link the ARPACK libraries to your program (e.g., myprogram), use the -l (library) and -L (library directory) switches in your compile command to specify the library and the directory in which it's located; for example:

  ftn -o myprogram myprogram.f -L/N/soft/cle4/arpack/1996/lib -larpack

For more about compiling Fortran programs on Big Red II, see Compile Fortran programs on Big Red II at IU.

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