Move your website to an IU domain

To move your website to an Indiana University domain (for example,

  1. Get approval from IU Communications: All requests for IU domains must be approved by IU Communications.

    To request approval:

    • Webserve account owners should fill out and submit the Virtual Host Name Request (requests will be directed to IU Communications for approval).
      Webserve account owners do not need to request the use of when using the standard way of referring to an account on the central web servers. Changing from to works by default and does not require approval.
    • Owners of non-Webserve sites should fill out and submit the Domain and Virtual Host Request Form.

    It is best to include a note with the virtual hostname request. If you don't receive a response within 48 hours (two business days), or if you have an emergency request, follow up by calling IU Communications at 812-855-5121.


    The domain is reserved for IU services that meet either of the following requirements:

    • They have a university-wide scope; for example, internally focused services or information provided from web pages must be applicable and accessible to constituents on a major portion of IU's campuses.
    • They broadly represent IU in such a way that any externally focused service or information provided from web pages represents a non-profit, non-commercial agency, institute, or program supported by a major portion of IU's campuses.
  2. Request SSL certificates for secure sites: If you need to request an SSL certificate:
    • For a Webserve account, when filling out the Virtual Host Name Request, include your request in the text box under "Additional Information". Alternatively, email your request to Web Services Support, indicating the account and virtual hostname that needs the SSL certificate.
      It can take several days for Web Services Support to receive and install an SSL certificate, so it's best to plan ahead; the sooner you make the request, the sooner the certificate can be installed.
    • For a non-Webserve site, refer to Get an SSL certificate for your web server.
  3. Register your new virtual hostname with your web server administrator and UITS DNS Admin.
    This is not necessary for Webserve requests; it is done automatically as part of your virtual hostname request.
  4. Set up a redirect to your site's new URL:

If you have questions, contact Web Services Support.

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