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A thin client looks like a regular desktop computer, with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, but has no computer operating system of its own. The thin client consists of a small unit which communicates directly with an IUanyWare published desktop over the internet. Thin clients are available in various locations at Indiana University.

Thin clients offer an energy-efficient, cost-effective alternative to personal workstations, permitting IU to serve more students by allowing IUanyWare servers to deliver applications on demand, wherever and whenever they are needed.

At IU, thin clients deliver the Windows 7 desktop, with all of the flexibility and control provided by a regular STC workstation.

Open an application

To open an application using a thin client:

  1. Log in with your IU username and passphrase, and wait for the Windows 7 desktop to load. The desktop you see will be determined based on the thin client's configuration.
  2. Open your desired application:
    • From the Windows 7 desktop, click Start to gain access to Windows 7 tools as well as previously opened applications.
    • To see the applications available by default on the Windows 7 desktop, click Start and then select All Programs.
    • To use an application that you don't see on the list, use a browser to navigate to and open the IUanyWare application of your choice.

To use the Windows 7 desktop on your mobile device, add IUB, IUPUI, or Regional to your FAVORITES menu.

Save your files

To use a USB flash drive on the thin client, you must plug in the flash drive before you launch your application (the port is on the front). However, UITS recommends that you instead use IU Cloud Storage to store your files; see Save your files when using an IUanyWare application.

Log out

To log out of your thin client desktop, click the Logoff icon on the desktop; alternatively, click Start and then select Log off, as you would on a regular Windows 7 desktop.

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