If your passphrase is exposed to someone

If your Indiana University passphrase is exposed to someone else, even accidentally, you must change it immediately to ensure that only you have access to your accounts and associated IU resources. No one else is allowed to have access to that passphrase or your IU accounts, including family members, friends, instructors, and support persons.

No one at IU will ever ask you for your passphrase.

The importance of not sharing your passphrase is noted in Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01), which states, in part:

Individuals may not share with or transfer to others their university accounts including network IDs, passwords, or other access codes that allow them to gain access to university information technology resources.

You may, however, legitimately allow certain persons (parents, for example) access to some of your information. This involves creating a separate password for such access.

If your passphrase is exposed and is not immediately changed, the University Information Policy Office (UIPO) will be notified, and you will lose access to your accounts until you have reset your passphrase. You will be unable to access your accounts, and must come to your campus Support Center in person with a photo ID to get a reset, or request a passphrase reset by mail or fax. If you are unable to come in person or request a passphrase reset by mail or fax, you may qualify for a verification process over the phone. For details, contact your campus Support Center.

For information about changing your passphrase if you believe it has been exposed, see Change your IU passphrase.

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