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Primary UITS contact: Craig Spanburg

Completed: May 2014

Description: Mypage was replaced by the Pages individual web page service on January 1, 2014. Pages is a new service for individually owned web pages that contain content directly related to the account owner's role at Indiana University.

Mypage account owners have been contacted and asked to agree to the new service's terms of use. Agreeing to the terms of use results in the account's migration to the new service, with no additional action required by the account owner. Account owners who did not agree to the new service's terms of service had web access to their account disabled between January 23 and April 16. Login access to accounts will remain available until May 12, 2014, allowing owners to move or copy needed files.

To agree to the terms of use and migrate to the new service, fill out and submit the form at

IU students, faculty, and staff are eligible to request Pages accounts. The new url for the Pages service is, but and will continue to work.

Outcome: When ( was established in 2001, it provided a valuable and unique service to faculty, staff, and students who needed personal web page space. The decision to retire the Mypage service was based on a review that revealed many instances of dormant accounts and non-compliant commercial use. To best serve the university community and its mission, UITS decided to refocus resources on a new service for hosting class materials and professional content, and providing a secure environment for instructional use.

Milestones and status:

  • May-July 2013:
    • Created scripts and modified account database to collect more information about accounts such as size, last modified date, and roles and department of account owner
    • Purged accounts whose owners were no longer eligible for the account
    • Requirements gathering for replacement services
    • Retirement strategy and plan drafted
  • August 2013:
    • Leadership approved overall plan
    • Begin executing plan and communications to IT Professionals
    • Provided reports to departments listing their account owners
    • Design systems needed to manage contacting existing users; disabling, locking, and archiving accounts; and new account creation for the new replacement service
    • Create scripts and modified account database to collect information about each account's suitability and migration to the new service
  • September 2013:
    • Documentation updates (KB, websites, etc.)
  • October 2013:
    • Create web form to collect user agreement acceptance and begin emailing account owners about the retirement
    • Email all account owners by the end of October
  • November 2013:
    • Create scripts for new account creation for the replacement service
  • December 2013:
    • Have new replacement service in place, start accepting new account requests, and stop creating Mypage accounts
  • January 1, 2014:
    • Retire Mypage service
  • January 13-17, 2014:
    • Send final reminder to account owners
  • January 23-April 16, 2014:
    • Disable web access to accounts not eligible for new service
  • May 12, 2014:
    • Remove login access to account owners who did not agree to the new service's terms of service

Comment process: Contact IU Webmaster with questions about the retirement.

Benefits: Content not related to the university mission will be removed from IU resources and not permitted on the replacement service. This lessens the cyber risk footprint, which is an ongoing objective of UITS.

Related information: The project is subject to change based on input from the IU community. Feedback received during meetings with faculty and IT leaders resulted in changes to the original plan. Feedback can still be sent to IU Webmaster.

Project team:

  • Sara Chambers, Enterprise Lifetime Engagement
  • Momi Ford, Support Center
  • David Goodrum, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies
  • Todd Herring, IT Community Partnerships
  • Jeannie Kellam, Enterprise Web Technical Services
  • Michele Kelmer, IT Community Partnerships
  • Josh LaMar, Enterprise Web Technical Services
  • Kyle Leach, IUB Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Joseph Potchanant, Support Center
  • Craig Spanburg, Enterprise Web Technical Services
  • Sheryl Swinson, IT Community Partnerships
  • Manjit Trehan, Enterprise Web Technical Services
  • Jordon Zook, IU Webmaster

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