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Big Red II was retired from service on December 15, 2019; for more, see ARCHIVED: About Big Red II at Indiana University (retired).


On Big Red II at Indiana University, you can use SAS interactively from the command line or in batch mode using a TORQUE job script. If your interactive session will require more than 20 minutes of processor time, you must run it as an interactive job on one of Big Red II's compute nodes in the Cluster Compatibility Mode (CCM) execution environment.

Set up your user environment

On the research supercomputers at Indiana University, the Modules environment management system provides a convenient method for dynamically customizing your software environment.

To use SAS on Big Red II, you must first add the SAS module to your user environment. To run SAS jobs on Big Red II's compute nodes in the CCM execution environment, you also must add the ccm module to your user environment. To make sure both modules are loaded every time you log into Big Red II, add the following lines to your ~/.modules file:

  module load sas 
  module load ccm

Submit a SAS batch job

To submit a SAS batch job that will run on Big Red II's compute nodes in the CCM execution environment:

  1. Create an sas program file (for example, containing the commands SAS should run.
  2. Create a job script (for example, SAS_job) for the TORQUE resource manager on Big Red II. Your job script must include the ccmrun command, which will launch SAS on a compute node in the CCM environment, and the -l gres=ccm flag; for example (replace username with your IU username and with your IU email address):
     #PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=32
     #PBS -l walltime=01:00:00
     #PBS -l gres=ccm
     #PBS -m ae
     #PBS -M
     #PBS -N SAS_job_name
     #PBS -V
     cd /N/u/username/BigRed2/new_directory
     ccmrun sas

    The above example job script will:

    • Change the working directory to the directory where the file is located.
    • Invoke ccmrun to launch SAS.
    • Have SAS run the commands in the sas program file.
    • Have Big Red II email you when the job is complete.
  3. Submit the job script to the TORQUE resource manager; at the command prompt, enter:
      qsub SAS_job
  4. To check the status of your job, use the qstat command (replace username with your IU username):
      qstat -u username 

Run SAS interactively

If your interactive session will require less than 20 minutes of processor time, you can load the SAS module and launch the application from the Big Red II command line; for example:

  statmath@login1:~> module load sas
  statmath@login1:~> sas -nodms

Interactive sessions requiring more than 20 minutes of processor time must be run as interactive jobs on Big Red II compute nodes in the CCM execution environment. This method of interactive execution is strongly recommended, as the login nodes are not intended for computational work.

To run an interactive SAS job on Big Red II:

  1. Make sure your user environment is configured properly; see Setting up your user environment above.
  2. From the command line, enter the qsub command with the -I (interactive), -l gres=ccm, and -q cpu (CPU queue) flags added; for example:
      statmath@login1:~> qsub -I -l walltime=01:00:00 -l nodes=1:ppn=32 -l gres=ccm -q cpu  

    When the resources needed to run your job are available, your job will start. Once the CCM execution environment is initialized, you'll be placed on one of Big Red II's aprun nodes:

      qsub: waiting for job 79064 to start
      qsub: job 79064 ready
      In CCM JOB:  79064  JID  79064  USER  statmath  GROUP  uits
      Initializing CCM environment, Please Wait
      waiting for jid....
      CCM Start success, 1 of 1 responses
      Directory: /N/u/statmath/BigRed2
      Tue Sep 10 15:29:21 EDT 2013
  3. From the aprun command line, enter the ccmlogin command:
      statmath@aprun1:~> ccmlogin

    This will place you on a Big Red II compute node (for example, nid00885):

      Warning: Permanently added '[nid00885]:203' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
  4. From the compute node command prompt, enter sas -nodms to launch SAS:
      statmath@nid00885:~> sas -nodms
    NOTE: Copyright (c) 2002-2012 by SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA. 
    NOTE: SAS (r) Proprietary Software 9.4 (TS1M0) 
          Licensed to INDIANA UNIVERSITY - SFA TR, Site 70091131.
    NOTE: This session is executing on the Linux 
          (LIN X64) platform.
    NOTE: Updated analytical products:
          SAS/STAT 12.3 (maintenance)
          SAS/ETS 12.3 (maintenance)
          SAS/OR 12.3 (maintenance)
          SAS/IML 12.3 (maintenance)
          SAS/QC 12.3 (maintenance)
    NOTE: Additional host information:
     Linux LIN X64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 15 
          00:24:59 UTC 2012 x86_64 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64) 
          VERSION = 11 PATCHLEVEL = 1 
    You are running SAS 9. Some SAS 8 files will be automatically converted 
    by the V9 engine; others are incompatible.  Please see
    PROC MIGRATE will preserve current SAS file attributes and is 
    recommended for converting all your SAS libraries from any 
    SAS 8 release to SAS 9.  For details and examples, please see
    This message is contained in the SAS news file, and is presented upon
    initialization.  Edit the file "news" in the "misc/base" directory to
    display site-specific news and information in the program log.
    The command line option "-nonews" will prevent this display.
    NOTE: SAS initialization used:
          real time           0.64 seconds
          cpu time            0.06 seconds

To use the features of the SAS graphical user interface (GUI), you must SSH to Big Red II with X forwarding enabled, and then use qsub with the -I (interactive) and -X (X forwarding) switches, as well as the -l gres=ccm switch; for example:

  statmath@login1:~> qsub -I -X -l walltime=01:00:00 -l nodes=1:ppn=32 -l gres=ccm -q cpu

Get help

If you need help or have questions regarding the use of SAS on IU's research supercomputers, contact the UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning team.

Research computing support at IU is provided by the Research Technologies division of UITS. To ask a question or get help regarding Research Technologies services, including IU's research supercomputers and research storage systems, and the scientific, statistical, and mathematical applications available on those systems, contact UITS Research Technologies. For service-specific support contact information, see Research computing support at IU.

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