Use the IU Cyberinfrastructure Gateway to monitor batch jobs running on Big Red II or Karst

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View job details

You can use the Indiana University Cyberinfrastructure Gateway (CI Gateway) to monitor batch jobs submitted to Big Red II or Karst:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the IU CI Gateway home page.
  2. Click Login.
    Clicking Login on the IU CI Gateway home page temporarily redirects you to a CILogon delegation request page. Do not click the link on the CILogon delegation request page; wait for the IU Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page to open.
  3. On the IU CAS login page, enter your IU username and passphrase, and then click Login.
  4. In the menu bar at the top, mouse over Computing.
    The menu bar may not be visible if your browser window is not maximized. To reveal the available menu items, either maximize your browser window or, in the top right corner, click (or double-tap) the touch-friendly drop-down menu icon.
  5. To view a list of jobs you submitted, click My Jobs.

    Alternatively, to view a list of all jobs submitted to a particular system, click All Jobs, and then select Big Red II or Karst.

  6. To open a window that displays a summary of job details for a particular job, click the desired job listing. To return to the list of jobs, in the "Job Details" window, click Close.
  7. To refresh the list with the most recent data, in the top right corner of the job list, click Refresh.

Sort and filter job details

By default, jobs are sorted by job ID number and listed in ascending order (from lowest to highest).

To change the sort property, click any of the other job details in the column headings:

Job detail Sort property
Name Alphabetically by job name (the value indicated for #PBS -N in the job script)
Run By User Alphabetically by username (of the user who submitted the job)
Job State Alphabetically by job status (complete, hold, idle, removed, or running)
Start Date By the date and time jobs were launched
Submit Date By the date and time jobs were submitted
Walltime By the wall-clock time requested
Job Runtime By the amount of time jobs have been running

To toggle between ascending and descending order, click the same column heading again.

To filter the list based on a particular property, enter text in the Filter by box under the desired job detail column heading. To invert the filter functionality, add an exclamation mark ( !) before your text. For example:

  • To filter the list so it displays only jobs that are running, in the Filter by box under "Job State", enter:
  • To filter the list so it displays only jobs that are not running, in the Filter by box under "Job State", enter:

Get help

Support for IU research computing systems, software, and services is provided by the Research Technologies division of UITS. To ask a question or get help, contact UITS Research Technologies.

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