How do I use the IU Cyberinfrastructure Gateway to monitor my usage of IU research computing and storage resources?

To use the Indiana University Cyberinfrastructure Gateway (CI Gateway) monitor your usage of IU computing and storage resources:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the IU CI Gateway home page.
  2. Click Login.
    Clicking Login on the IU CI Gateway home page temporarily redirects you to a CILogon delegation request page. Do not click the link on the CILogon delegation request page; wait for the IU Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page to open.
  3. On the IU CAS login page, enter your IU username and passphrase, and then click Login.
  4. In the menu bar at the top, click My Usage.
    The menu bar may not be visible if your browser window is not maximized. To reveal the available menu items, either maximize your browser window or, in the top right corner, click (or double-tap) the touch-friendly drop-down menu icon.
  5. To view statistics tracking your use of IU research computing systems, on the left, under "User Charts", click to select any of the following:
    • User jobs per month
    • Read/writes per month
    • Core hours used per month
    • Median queue time per month

    To view statistics tracking your use of IU's HPSS system, the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA), on the left, under "User Charts", click to select any of the following:

    • HPSS files per month
    • HPSS GB per month
  6. To view data for a specific date range, on the left, under "Charts Period", select the desired start and end dates, and then click Update Charts.

Support for IU research computing systems, software, and services is provided by the Research Technologies division of UITS. To ask a question or get help, contact UITS Research Technologies.

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