What is the Oracle client configuration information for the IU Data Warehouse?

The following information is intended for IU Data Warehouse users only.

Use the following configuration information when configuring Oracle Net to connect to the IU Data Warehouse:

  • Development (dss1dev):
    • Database service name: dss1dev.uits.indiana.edu
    • Hostname: iedssdev.uits.indiana.edu
    • Port: 1521 (default)
    • Net service name: dss1dev.uits.indiana.edu
  • Test (dss1tst):
    • Database service name: dss1tst.uits.indiana.edu
    • Hostname: esdbd99.uits.iupui.edu
    • Port: 1521 (default)
    • Net service name: dss1tst.uits.indiana.edu
  • Production (dss1prd):
    • Database service name: dss1prd.uits.indiana.edu
    • Hostname: esdbd100.uits.indiana.edu
    • Port: 1521 (default)
    • Net service name: dss1prd.uits.indiana.edu

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