UITS Service Overview: Enterprise Data Warehouse

Service name: Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Role: Data storage for reporting and analysis


The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) contains data from all major University enterprise systems. EDSS Team members partner with analysts and data specialists to design, develop, and deliver database objects for operational reporting and data analysis.

Cost: Free of charge

Further reference: EDW Confluence page

Adoption process: For read-only access to data, create an IUIE account, set your password, and then connect via any Oracle database client using the data warehouse connection information. If you need additional data access, find corresponding reports in the IUIE and complete the request form; the appropriate data managers will determine the level of data access to grant you.

To discuss the possibility of enterprise or departmental applications feeding data into the Enterprise Data Warehouse, email dss-request@iu.edu with details of your request.

Service contact information: dss-request@iu.edu

Platform restrictions: Read-only access can be obtained through any desktop Oracle client, as well as the IUIE web application.

Meets UIPO/UISO guidelines: Yes

Data classification approval: Approved for Public, University-internal, Restricted, and Critical data

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