UITS Service Overview: Business Intelligence

Service name: Business Intelligence (Enterprise Business Intelligence, EBI)

Role: Reporting and analysis tools and portal


Indiana University Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) is an enterprise-hosted service designed for the reporting and analysis of university data according to university enterprise and department business requirements. The EBI service features the Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) portal, a centrally maintained, enterprise-wide, web-based business intelligence and reporting environment with dashboards, reports, tools, and workflows designed to assist the university in providing access to and analysis of institutional data.

Cost: Free of charge

Further reference: IU Consolidated Business Intelligence portal

Adoption process: See How do I request a new Tableau project?

Service contact information: For CBI, BIM, and BI Center questions, ebi-request@iu.edu; for BI Tool and report development support, ebirpt-request@iu.edu

Platform restrictions: Available on all desktop and mobile platforms

Meets UIPO/UISO guidelines: Yes

Data classification approval: Approved for Public, University-internal, Restricted, and Critical data

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