UITS Service Overview: Data Capacitor II

Service name: Data Capacitor II

Role: Shared, temporary scratch and project storage for use with research supercomputers

Description: The Data Capacitor II is a large-capacity, high-performance, Lustre-based file system serving all IU campuses. It is mounted on the IU research supercomputers Big Red II, Carbonate, and Karst.

Cost: Free of charge

Further reference: The Data Capacitor II and DC-WAN2 high-speed file systems at Indiana University

Adoption process: Users with research computing accounts are issued scratch directories by default. Requests for project space must be submitted via the Data Capacitor II project allocation request form.

Service contact information: hpfs-admin@iu.edu

Platform restrictions: None

Meets UIPO/UISO guidelines: Yes

Data classification approval: Public, University-internal, Restricted, and PHI

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