Register your Chromebook on the wired IU network


To use your Chromebook on the wired (Ethernet) IU network, you need to register the device's Ethernet MAC address; see Find your Chromebook's MAC address.

You do not need to register your device if you are connecting to a campus wireless network.

Normal MAC address registration

  1. Connect your device with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser, and browse to Click Continue, and enter your IU username and passphrase.
  3. Read the "Application for Access to the Indiana University Network" terms and agreement page, and click the I Agree button near the bottom.
  4. Optional: Enter your IT Pro's username if that person will support your Chromebook. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
  5. Make certain your username is correctly entered in the username field. Then click the Register Now button.
  6. Wait the requisite amount of time, then restart the Chromebook.

If you haven't set up your Chromebook, or if you have recently performed a factory reset

If you have never used your Chromebook, or if you have done a factory reset on it (that is, Powerwashed it), contact your campus Support Center; a consultant will manually register your Chromebook on the network. You will need your MAC address for this. To obtain it, from the Chrome "Welcome!" screen, click the drop-down list next to "Select a Network". Expand this list, and you will see the MAC addresses at the bottom. That will be the information you give to the consultant.

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