Make Unix-based web browsers access a particular URL by default

In Unix, you can add a line to the .cshrc, .profile, or .bash_profile initialization file located in your home directory, to redefine the WWW_HOME environment variable. This variable is honored by most web browsers.

If you use the sh or ksh shells, add the line below to your .profile file, but if you use the bash shell add the line to your .bash_profile:

 export WWW_HOME=http://machine.address/~someuser/home.html 

For tcsh and csh shells, add the following to your .cshrc file:

 setenv WWW_HOME http://machine.address/~someuser/home.html 

Replace http://machine.address/~someuser/home.html with your preferred URL. For example, if you are a bash shell user with the username dvader and you would like the browser to point to your own home page located on Pages (, you would add the following line to your .bash_profile file:

 export WWW_HOME=

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