Box accounts for student organizations


Box cloud storage will be retired at Indiana University in spring 2021. Migration of IU's Box data began in June 2020. For details about cloud storage options at IU, see Storage @ IU.

After your files are migrated from Box, the Box versions become read-only. Migrations will be finished by March 2021, and access to Box will be terminated in May 2021.

Box provides a way for individuals and groups to collaborate, share files in a central location, and distribute files to members and the public. Use Box space for things such as planning group activities, collecting and distributing event photos, and maintaining club information. Group Box accounts provide:

  • Smooth transitions through events such as leadership changes or members leaving the organization
  • Improved collaboration
  • Hassle-free maintenance and sharing of files and folder structure with members
  • No impact on individuals' account quotas
  • Quick management of access to files stored in Box

To get a Box account for your student organization:

  1. If your organization does not already have a group computing account, a faculty or staff sponsor will need to request one.
  2. Request approval for your group account to use Box through the Box Group Account Request Form. Log in with your own IU username and passphrase when requesting the Box group account. After you submit the request, the sponsor of your group computing account will be notified to approve it. You may wish to alert the sponsor in advance to speed this process.
  3. Once the account sponsor has approved the request, the account will be created when you log into with your student organization's group account username and passphrase. Box group accounts have unlimited storage.
  4. After the account is created, follow the best practices for setting up a group account on Box.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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