ARCHIVED: Connecting to "23" video bridge conferences and other videoconferences

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Every "23" video bridge conference has two aliases, a conference number and a conference name. In the examples below, you may use in place of 23<4-to-7-digit-number> to connect.

Use the following to connect to conferences on the IU video bridge:

  • Lync or Jabber Video: 23<4-to-7-digit-number>
  • IU room system: 23<4-to-7-digit-number>
  • Phone: Dial 812-856-7060 or 317-278-8080, enter 23<4-to-7-digit-number>, and press #.
  • Web browser (Chrome or Firefox only): At, in the "Conference to dial" field, enter 23<4-to-7-digit-number>. For more, see About the Pexip Web App.

If you're connecting from a videoconferencing room system outside IU:

  • Direct Dial: 23<4-to-7-digit-number>
  • Internet2 Global Dialing Scheme (GDS):
    • For domestic U.S. locations, dial 11439, followed by 23<4-to-7-digit-number>.
    • For international locations, dial 0011439, followed by 23<4-to-7-digit-number>.
  • IP, via the IU Guest Portal:
    1. Connect to the Indiana University Guest Portal at
    2. Activate the touchtone keypad; typically, in a videoconferencing room, you do this by pressing # on your videoconferencing system control.
    3. Press 1, enter 23<4-to-7-digit-number>, and then press #.
    4. Press # again to place the call.

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