Official IU YouTube channels

YouTube is available as part of your Google at IU account.

Indiana University, and several IU campuses, schools, and departments, maintain official YouTube channels. YouTube videos can be seamlessly integrated into Canvas courses by pasting the URL into the Rich Content Editor. Additionally, UITS maintains YouTube channels focusing on information technology services available at IU.

For more IU-related YouTube content, search for IU-related channels and IU-related playlists.

YouTube has many IU-related videos posted by contributors who are not official representatives of the university. These videos are not created, commissioned, or endorsed by the university, and do not represent its official views and policies. Any official IU channel should include a link to the contributing entity's official IU website.

You can subscribe to YouTube channels using your Google at IU account. For subscribing instructions, see Subscribe to the channels you love in the YouTube Help Center.

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