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Kaltura SaaS Edition is a cloud-based video management system that can be used for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other types of media. The system works with Canvas and accounts are available to Indiana University students, faculty, and staff.

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Access Kaltura

There are several ways to access Kaltura. Follow the instructions below that correspond to your situation.

Via Canvas

In Canvas, to access Kaltura, select one of the following methods:

  • For your personal media storage, click Kaltura: My Media in the Canvas course navigation menu.
  • For media in your Canvas course, click Kaltura: Media Gallery in the Canvas course navigation menu.
  • Select the Embed Kaltura Media link in the Canvas Rich Content Editor.

For detailed information on how to use Kaltura in Canvas, see the Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide.

Via Kaltura MediaSpace

If you plan to use Kaltura outside of Canvas, you'll work directly with the web-based video management application known as Kaltura MediaSpace. To create an account and log in:

  1. Navigate to https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/
  2. At the top right, click Guest and select Login from the drop-down menu. If prompted, enter your IU Network ID.
  3. The first time you log in, a personal media collection called "My Media" will be created for you. To access your collection, at the upper right, click your name, and then select My Media.

Get started with Kaltura

To learn the basics of using Kaltura, consult the following resources:

For more, from short help articles to complete user guides, see the Kaltura Knowledge Center.

Get help

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

For help from a UITS Support Center consultant, fill out the "Ask for Help" form found in the Canvas Help menu. You can also contact your campus Support Center directly.

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