About the IT Policy Alignment Consultation (ITPAC) service

UITS provides the IT Policy Alignment Consultation (ITPAC) service for broad-based audits of departmental IT services.

ITPAC offers clear direction for ensuring unit alignment with university IT policies. In general, this is accomplished through discussions with departmental IT staff about the unit's procedures, internal policies, and measures of applied security.

The goal is to eliminate confusion. Confidential conversations with departmental staff provide an open atmosphere for reviewing IT issues. A final report indicates the levels of policy alignment and recommends specific remediation steps for resolving problem areas.

The overall process comprises a one-day exploration with the client, a post-review and deliberation at TechSelect on the unit's status and improvement steps, and a report indicating specific areas to address.

The service includes:

  • Sit-down consultation and assessment
  • In-depth review of technology being used at the server, networking, and desktop levels
  • Internal policy and procedure review
  • Security assessment
  • Confidential report with conclusions
  • Written remediation steps to address problem areas

This service has been devised as a closed-door, completely confidential arrangement between the client and UITS TechSelect staff in order to increase the comfort level of the participants and allow an environment of complete disclosure.

The cost for this service is currently being fully covered by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology.

For more, see http://itpac.iu.edu. To request the ITPAC service, email techselect@iu.edu indicating your interest.

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