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If you can only view channels 2 through 13 on your TV, follow the instructions below or review your TV owner's manual.

If you don't follow the steps below and an electronics technician is dispatched, you may be assessed a $75.00 charge.
  1. Make sure your TV is cable-ready. If you're using an older TV, you may need to purchase a converter box. Many local discount or electronic stores in town sell converter boxes.
  2. Check the back of your TV. Look for a switch labeled "Cable" (or "CATV") on one side and "Air" (or "Antenna") on the other. Choose CATV/cable or STD/standard.
    If you can't find a switch, you can possibly set the same option from your remote control. Using the remote, press the Menu button. Make sure the tuner is set to Cable or STD (standard cable TV). If you see other options like STD/IRC/HRC, choose STD.
  3. Using the remote, press the Menu button. Go to Program and then Auto Program or Automemorize Channels to select channels available on campus.
These instructions are very general. If you have your TV owner's manual, review it.

To call Indiana University's cable repair service, use a campus phone to dial 5-2111; press option 2.

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