About the Log-ALERT with Splunk service

UITS provides the Log-ALERT service for broad-based server log monitoring in IT edge departments. Your servers, network, security devices, and other systems are constantly generating logs. Analyzing this data can provide visibility into your IT infrastructure and answer critical questions about your compliance, security, and IT operations.

Log-ALERT uses technology from Splunk to provide a real-time automated log management solution to monitor system, security, and application event logs, as well as logs from any SNMP-enabled device. This system is IT-12 compliant and provides proactive alerting on events triggered on your servers.

Benefits of the Log-ALERT service include:

  • IT-12 compliance: The Log-ALERT service recently passed a review by IU Internal Audit Department.
  • Daily reports: Out of the box, Log-ALERT provides customers a set of daily automated management reports that show the four IT-12 related system activities at a glance.
  • Automated alerts: Automated email alerts can instantly notify your systems administrators if Log-ALERT notices anything out of the ordinary.
  • Encryption and security: All traffic to the Log-ALERT service is fully encrypted and secured via direct firewall policies to your servers. Once on the system, all logs are encrypted at rest.
  • Separate storage: All event logs are collected, transferred, and stored on the Log-ALERT system. This ensures that logs cannot be lost by clearing them locally.
  • Search: Log-ALERT indexes your events so that you can search directly from our intuitive web interface.

The cost for this service is currently being fully covered by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology.

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