Request a transcript or video from a digital media supplier used by the IU Libraries

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The following is intended to help you potentially gain access to a transcript or copy of a video used in your course when the video is made available through the IU Libraries from a streaming service like Kanopy, Alexander Street, etc.

This information is to assist instructors in requesting access to transcripts or videos in response to supporting an ADA accommodation request for a student, as well as instructors wishing to be proactive in making their course content accessible.

Request transcript or video

  1. For the video you need a transcript or a copy of, gather the following:
    • Video title
    • Portal or vendor
    • Link from IUCAT
    • Date needed (if time sensitive)
  2. Email the IU Libraries Scholars' Commons Reference Desk (
    1. In the subject line include [Transcript or Video] Request for Content from [Supplier].
    2. For requests in response to an ADA accommodation, in the body include:
      • You are requesting access to either a copy of the transcript or video for an ADA accommodation.
      • The information from step 1.
    3. For requests where you are being proactive, in the body include:
      • You are requesting access to either a copy of the transcript or video.
      • The information from step 1.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation from IU Libraries for the request.
  4. The Libraries will then submit the transcript/video request to the supplier. Keep in mind that the response times and capabilities of suppliers vary.

Delivery of transcript or video

Depending on the supplier, the transcript or video will be delivered either directly to you or to the IU Libraries. When receiving the transcript and/or video:

  • Transcripts or videos sent directly from the supplier: Contact the Libraries so they know the request has been completed.
  • Transcripts or videos sent to the IU Libraries: You will be notified and provided access to the materials.

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