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Zoom is a web conferencing tool known to be very accessible for both presenters and attendees. Zoom video conferencing is compatible with VoiceOver on iOS and OSX, Talkback on Android devices, and JAWS and NVDA for Windows platforms.

Keyboard shortcuts

The Zoom software is entirely tab-able (and swipe-able) and can be operated without having to know any specialized keyboard shortcuts. To make using Zoom quicker and more efficient, the desktop Zoom versions have robust keyboard shortcuts available. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts in the Zoom client under Settings > Accessibility. Some of the most useful default keyboard shortcuts for the Windows and Mac versions are listed below. Visit Zoom's support center online for full list of Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Some keyboard shortcuts for Windows

  • F6: Navigate among Zoom popup windows
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift: Move focus to Zoom's meeting controls
  • Alt-U:Display/hide Participants panel
  • Alt-Y: Raise/lower hand
  • Alt-A: Mute/unmute audio
  • Alt-V: Turn on/off the meeting video
  • Alt-H: Display/hide In-Meeting Chat panel
  • Alt-N: Switch camera
  • Alt-F: Enter or exit full screen

Some keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X

  • Ctrl-Option-Command-H: Show/hide Zoom's meeting controls
  • Ctrl-\: Toggle the "Always Show meeting controls" options in Settings > Accessibility
  • Command-U: Display/hide "Participants" panel
  • Option-Y: Raise/lower hand
  • Command-Shift-A: Mute/unmute audio
  • Command-Shift-V: Start/stop video
  • Command-Shift-H: Display/hide "In-Meeting Chat" panel
  • Command-Shift-N: Switch camera
  • Command-Shift-F: Enter or exit full screen

Zoom audio tutorial

Freedom Scientific has a training webinar for using JAWS with Zoom Conferencing. It is one hour long and covers navigating Zoom's controls, configuring audio settings, muting and unmuting your microphone, and using Zoom's chat controls.

JAWS Scripts for Zoom

JAWS will automatically announce almost every event that occurs during a Zoom meeting. There are no JAWS or Zoom settings to disable or modify those event announcements. Some have written JAWS scripts that enable turning off the event announcements (along with other enhancements). One such JAWS Script for Zoom Conferencing is available from Hartgen Consultancy.

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