Set up call answering rules in UniCom Enterprise Voice

At Indiana University, if your office telephone is enabled for UniCom Enterprise Voice (that is, if you use Skype for Business rather than a traditional desk phone), you can use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to create call answering rules. For example, you could use a rule to play a different greeting when you're out of the office, or set up a menu to transfer callers to different phone numbers with the press of a number key.

To set up a rule:

  1. Log into OWA.
  2. At the upper right, click the gear icon (Settings), and select Options.
  3. In the left navigation pane, choose phone. If it is not already selected, at the top, choose voice mail.
  4. Under "call answering rules", click the plus icon (  The plus icon , that is, New) to create a new rule.
  5. Under "Name:", enter a name for the rule.
  6. Under "If a caller reaches my voice mail, and:", select a condition from the drop-down list to determine when this rule should apply. You can also choose to have your rule apply to all calls.
  7. Near the center of the page, click Select Options. In the new window, you can do any of the following. (If you don't want to make changes, click ok to exit the window; however, you must click Select Options, or you cannot save your rule.)
    • To remove the option for callers to leave a voice message, with "# leave a voice message" highlighted, click the minus icon (  The minus icon appears above the table of options. , that is, Remove). However, you cannot remove the option to leave a voice message unless you add other options through one of the following.
    • To have the system try to reach you at alternate numbers, click Find Me, and enter the phone number(s) you want the system to call. Text you enter in the "For" box will be announced to callers in the default greeting (unless you record a new greeting), but you can leave this box blank. Click ok, and then ok again.
    • To transfer calls to a different number (at this time, this works only in Internet Explorer, not in Edge or Chrome):
      1. Click Transfer Call.
      2. Next to "For", type the first choice callers will be able to select from. For example, if you want callers to press 1 for emergencies, type Emergencies in the box.
      3. Next to "Press the key", choose the key callers will press for the option you just entered.
      4. Indicate where you want calls transferred by either entering a phone number (ten digits with no spaces or hyphens) or selecting a contact by name.
      5. Click save.
      6. Repeat steps a-e for each transfer option you want to include, and then click ok.
  8. Click save to save your new rule. On the main phone options screen, under "call answering rules", you should see your new rule listed.
  9. You can record a new greeting for this rule. (If you don't, callers will hear an automated message based on the options you set in the previous steps.) To record the greeting for this rule:
    1. With the correct rule highlighted, click the pencil icon to edit the rule.
    2. In the "Edit Call Answering Rule" window, in the lower left, click More Options....
    3. Click Call me to play or record a greeting for this call answering rule. The system will call you; record your message. Be sure to tell callers what buttons to press for each option. (If you have not changed this option, callers should press # to leave you a voice mail message.)
    4. Click ok and then save to close the open windows.
  10. If you want your rule to be active now, make sure its box is checked. You can also choose to uncheck the box now, and then enable the rule at a later time. In the lower left, click save.

To learn how to perform common tasks in Skype for Business, see UniCom. Also, see Skype for Business help & learning.

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