About Recording Booths at IU Bloomington and IUPUI

Based on the One Button Studio developed by Penn State, Recording Booths allow faculty members and students to video-record themselves or others in a controlled environment. The process is preset, highly automated, and as simple as pushing a button.

Recording Booths have balanced lighting, an HD camera, and high-quality audio. Each recording is saved on a user-supplied USB flash drive as an MP4 video file, which can be uploaded to the Indiana University LMS.

USB flash drives must be formatted as FAT.

Potential uses for Recording Booths include:

  • Student video presentations
  • Student introductions
  • Faculty presentations and assignments
  • Faculty test reviews
  • Individualized content clarification
  • Faculty feedback on assignments

Recording Booths are available at the following locations:

  • IU Bloomington: Wells Library E242

    You can check out the room key from the Learning Commons Service Desk located on the first floor of the West Tower of the Herman B Wells Library. This is the first desk to the right as you enter the West Tower through the south entrance of the lobby.

  • IUPUI: University Library UL4104 (coming fall 2015)

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