Renew Webserve terms of agreement

The Webserve and Webtest servers use PHP 7.1; PHP 5.6 has been retired and is no longer available. For more about PHP at IU, see PHP server-side scripting language.

All Webserve account owners are required to read the Webserve account agreement and renew their agreements online. The renewal is done at the start of service or whenever the account has been transferred to a new owner. Owners must renew their accounts annually.

To renew your agreement:

  1. Using your IU Network ID, log into WebTech Services Management.
  2. Click List Your Accounts.
  3. Next to your Webserve account, click Manage.
    Webserve account renewal
  4. Read and accept the Terms of Agreement by typing YES.
    Webserve Terms of Agreement
  5. Click the Renew button to renew your agreement for another year.

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