Give the ATAC access to materials in your Canvas site

If you are working with the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC) to provide alternate media accommodations for a student with disabilities, and you use Canvas to post instructional materials, it may be easiest to give the ATAC's editing team direct access to your Canvas site. You can add the ATCEdit user as a designer, which will provide the ATAC access to the materials that are available to the course participants.

If any materials are not posted to Canvas until the day students are expected to start working with them, contact the ATAC to make arrangements to deliver those materials early for conversion. Students with disabilities must be able to access those materials at the same time as others in the course. The ATAC needs to receive materials well in advance of the time they are needed in the course to ensure enough processing time. Contact the ATAC to determine an appropriate course of action.


  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to your course site.
  2. Once in the course site, from the tools list, select People.
  3. Click the + People button. The "Add People" dialog should appear.
  4. Click the circle next to "Login ID".
  5. Enter atcedit in the text box.
  6. From the "Role" drop-down menu, select Designer.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If the name and email values are correct, click Add Users.
  9. Click Done to complete the process.

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