Web accessibility evaluation tools available at IU

Web accessibility evaluation tools are designed to check web pages for web accessibility concerns. They test for conformance to various accessibility standards, and will report on common web accessibility concerns like illogical heading usage, unlabeled controls, and content with low color contrast. These tools vary greatly in features. Some are designed to only scan one web page at a time, while others will automatically scan entire websites.

Web accessibility evaluation tools are very helpful in quickly checking large amounts of code. However, they are not perfect, and you should not depend solely upon them to determine a website's accessibility. For example, such tools cannot determine if the alternate text provided for an image serves as a useful replacement or if the text label on a form control is the correct one. Therefore, the results provided by web accessibility evaluation tools should be supplemented with manual checks.

Accessibility evaluation tools

If you want to begin assessing the accessibility of your website on your own, UITS recommends starting with WAVE, a free web accessibility evaluation tool that allows you to check for accessibility issues on individual web pages. There is also an option to install a browser extension if desired. For more about interpreting the report results, see the WAVE Help Page.

UITS is currently evaluating other tools, and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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