Report Canvas accessibility concerns

This procedure is intended to help members of the IU community report accessibility concerns for Canvas that affect individuals with disabilities. If you are not an individual with a disability or someone assisting an individual with a disability, and you are having difficulties accessing IU's instance of Instructure Canvas, contact your campus Support Center for help restoring your access.

If you need further assistance, contact the UITS Accessibility team at In the subject line, include a brief description (for example, "Canvas Accessibility Concern: Cannot access file upload in Discussions tool"). Provide as much of the following as possible:

  • The operating system you are using (for example, Windows 10)
  • The web browser you are using (for example, Firefox 36.0.1)
  • If the problem has to do with assistive technology software, the version of that software (for example, JAWS 16.0.1925)
  • If the problem has to do with assistive technology hardware, the hardware make and model (for example, Humanware Brailliant BI 40)
  • The Canvas tool in which the problem occurs
  • SiteID, course name, or course/section number
    • The siteID in Canvas is the number after courses/ in the URL. For example, for the Canvas course at, the siteID is 722645.
  • It often helps to provide some context, for example:
    • What you were trying to do
    • Whether you've ever been able to do this before, and if so, if anything about your system has changed since then
    • How long the problem has been occurring
    • If the problem occurs in multiple tools

Someone from the UITS Accessibility team will respond to your email message within three business days.

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