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The Secunia CSI Agent (csia) for macOS is a small, simple, customizable, and powerful Secunia CSI scan engine that offers a fully featured command line interface (CLI) to the Secunia CSI scanning functionality. This allows you to run CSI scans directly from the command line, or to launch scans by using the Secunia CSI console.

Download the Secunia CSI Agent

Download the csia binary from IUware.

Make sure the csia is always available in a local folder on the target host.

Prepare your system

When installing the Secunia CSI Agent, you must use your local root account because installation of daemons (i.e., services) on macOS systems requires root account privileges.

To switch to your local root account:

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Enter the following command:
      su root
  3. When prompted, enter the password for root.
    The Terminal window will not display the password as you type. Once you have entered the password correctly, press return and wait for confirmation.
    • If you are not sure of the root password, try toor, which is the default password for the root account. You can also try the current password of your administrator account. However, if the root account is disabled on the system, none of the passwords will work.
    • If you do not know the password for the root account or if the root account is disabled, enable the account and set a new password:
      1. Open Terminal.
      2. Enter the following command:
          sudo passwd root
      3. Provide a new password.

        For details, see How to enable the root user on your Mac or change your root password from Apple Support.

    Alternatively, if you cannot enable the root account or you prefer to not use it directly, use the sudo switch before each command associated with CSI Agent activities. For example, to install the csia on the system, enter:

      sudo ./csia -i -L
  4. To see if the CSI Agent file has execution rights on the system, use the ls -l command. This will list the file and will show its file permissions.

    If the permissions do not include execute rights (the x character) for any user, set them for at least the root/administrator account. For the root account, enter:

      chmod +x csia 

    If you are using the administrator account, enter

      sudo chmod +x csia

Install the Secunia CSI Agent

The Secunia CSI Agent is usually installed as a daemon (similar to local service in Windows), because it will operate under the Mac LocalSystem account.

To install the binary:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Browse to the directory where you placed the csia binary file.
  3. Enter the following command to install the CSI Agent:
      ./csia -i -L

Use the Secunia CSI Agent

To launch a new scan manually from the command line, in the Terminal, enter:

  ./csia -c

Use the -h switch to see a full list of parameters supported by the CSI Agent.

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