How administrators retire an Intelligent Infrastructure service

Retire a VM

Before retiring a virtual machine (VM) from the Intelligent Infrastructure (II) environment, you must ensure that all sensitive data is deleted from the VM. This deletion should follow proper data disposal guidelines as recommended for physical servers.

Once you've removed all sensitive data from the VM's OS, contact the Storage and Virtualization team to retire the VM. Your request should specify the VM name and that the VM should be retired and the disks deleted.

If the VM also participates in TSM backups, specify this and request that the system be removed from the TSM backup schedule. VMs that participate in Commvault backups will not need to do anything, as backups will cease as the VM is deleted.

Retire NAS fileshares

To retire a NAS share, contact the Storage and Virtualization team and request that the NAS share be retired.

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