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Primary UITS contact: Manjit Trehan, Enterprise Web Technical Services

Last update: October 9, 2017

Description: The project will evaluate and determine the viability and efficiency of the Office 365 and Office Online platforms for delivering Microsoft Office software at Indiana University. The OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online services also will be part of the vetting process to evaluate their core feature sets, tool and utility integrations, and security. Other features, services, and software that can be delivered from Office 365 will be evaluated for use at IU, as well.

Outcome: The Office 365 service will provide all IU students, faculty, and staff the newest versions of the Microsoft Office suite, including desktop, cloud-based, and mobile versions of Office applications, and 1 TB of personal cloud storage via OneDrive for Business. Full-time IU faculty and appointed staff will have the ability to request SharePoint Online sites for their teams and departments.

Milestones and status:

  • Fall 2014 and spring 2015:
    • Steering committee formed
    • Tenant received and accounts provisioned for initial testing
    • Box integration with Office for Windows
  • April-July 2015:
    • Single sign-on implemented
    • Box integration with Office Mobile
    • Transitioned tenant to single sign on accounts
    • Initiated SharePoint Online Pilot Phase 0 - assure basic functionality
    • Began soliciting involvement from UISO, UIPO, Support, and Networks
  • August 2015:
    • Formed UITS project team for all UITS stakeholders
    • Began SharePoint Online Pilot Phase 1 - more participants and migration testing
  • Fall 2015:
    • Prepared for rollout of Office Apps and OneDrive for Business to students, faculty, and staff
  • January 2016:
    • Completed security review of Office 365
    • Began coordinating rollout plan with Google Apps for Education project team
  • February 2016:
    • Box integration with Office Online
    • service page created
    • Rollout of Office 2016 and OneDrive for Business to IT Pros for use with Public and University-internal data
  • March-April 2016:
    • Rolled out Office 2016 and OneDrive for Business to all IU users (students, faculty, and staff)
    • Updated and released KB documentation
    • Added Office 365 option in IUware
    • Added Microsoft eLearning option in Office 365 for IT Training
    At this time, OneDrive for Business is approved for use with institutional data classified as Public or University-internal. Do not use OneDrive to store or share institutional data classified as Restricted or Critical. For more on IU data classifications, see Data Management at IU. UITS highly recommends using OneDrive for Business only for cloud storage needs that cannot be met by the Box at IU service.
  • May 2016:
    • Evaluated Workflow and Forms solution for SharePoint Online; established a trial period for K2 Appit software
    • Initiated My Site retirement efforts; updated KB documentation
    • UISO security assessment for SPEA and AIT completed
    • Set up email address with OFFICE JIRA project
  • June 2016:
    • Licensed K2 SharePoint Workflow/forms software
    • Implemented development instance of K2 Appit in the O365 tenant
    • Scheduled implementation of production instance of Appit in July 2016
    • Notified site owners of My Site retirement
    • Initiated efforts for SharePoint Group Site migration from On-Prem to Online
  • July 2016:
    • Implemented production instance of K2 Appit in the O365 tenant
    • Sent My Site retirement reminder to My Site owners
    • Sent Group site migration message to "on-prem" Group site owners
    • Set up regular meetings with K2 support to answer questions
    • Established a FootPrints workspace for Office 365/SharePoint Online
  • August 2016:
    • Created SharePoint Online (SPO) site request form
    • Created SPO service agreement for the site request process
    • Switched UPN domain from to in the O365 tenant
    • Met with Microsoft regarding Exchange Online
    • Submitted two feature requests to K2
    • Created SPO sites requested by early adopters
  • September 2016:
    • Continued efforts to communicate site migration/retirement to site owners
    • Simplified SPO site creation via PowerShell
    • Worked with Support and KMS to prepare for SharePoint site migrations
  • October 2016:
    • Hosted infoshares for Advanced and Standard Farm site owners
    • Disabled Advanced Farm sites for site owners who didn't respond
    • Changed My Sites to read-only to encourage migration of data
    • Created SharePoint Migration Plan form to gather/compile site plans
  • November 2016:
    • Continued to approach SharePoint site owners and disable/migrate sites
    • Worked with IT Training to develop a training resource page
    • Added an Office 365 “Everyone” group to support custom tiles
  • December 2016:
    • Continued site disables and migrations
    • Added Box integration to Office 365
    • Started Powershell development efforts with Leveraged Services
    • Continued work with Identity Management Services (IMS) and other teams on Exchange Online proof-of-concept
  • January 2017:
    • Disabled all SharePoint My Site sites
    • Initiated work to set up a test environment similar to production
    • Worked with K2 on quote for a 6-month trial for test environment
    • Assisted site owners with site migrations
  • February 2017:
    • Set up K2 test environment in the test tenant (
    • Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) on
    • Worked with IMS to set up Azure Active Directory Connect (AADC) to synchronize AD with AAD
    • Set up test accounts in using AADC
    • Worked with Leveraged Services to configure a request site for Office 365 services (dev/test/prod)
    • Worked with Leveraged Services to release the first version of Office 365 Service Request Site
  • March-April 2017:
    • All SharePoint My Sites were deleted
    • Worked with Microsoft to increase the O365 objects quota to 1 million
    • AADC completed to sync Groups and Group accounts
    • User license scripts completed to accurately license users
    • Started HIPAA review of O365
    • Evaluated Box integration
  • May 2017:
    • Deactivated all but 12 SharePoint On-prem sites
    • Work with K2 to get admin training and tools
    • Hosted K2 Lunch and Learn session at IU, sponsored by K2
    • Worked with Microsoft and ORA for Power BI licensing needs
    • Worked with remaining 12 site owners to complete migration by July 1
  • June 2017:
    • Worked with Microsoft to resolve an issue with SharePoint display names
    • Set up a training session for workflow developers conducted by K2 enterprise architect
    • Completed admin training session
    • Worked and met regularly with individual site owners to help meet the deadline
    • Communicated to users that Advanced Farm will be shut down July 14, and Standard Farm will be shut down July 31
  • July 2017:
    • Disabled all Advanced Farm sites and Standard Farm sites
    • Initiated discussions for Exchange Online proof-of-concept
    • Continued working with SharePoint Online site owners and K2 Appit Admins
  • August 2017:
    • Continued working with a few remaining SharePoint on-prem site owners to finish migration
  • September 2017:
    • Finished migration of all SharePoint on-prem sites to Office 365
    • Retired servers from the on-prem environment


  • Access to Office Online products from any device with a supported browser
  • Ability to install Office products on up to five devices
  • 1 TB personal file storage using OneDrive for Business
  • Disaster recovery and high availability with SharePoint Online

Primary clients: IU students, faculty, and staff

Project team:

  • UITS Enterprise Web Technical Services
  • AIT, SPEA, E&T, COAS, and IUB Library
  • UITS Identity Management Services
  • UITS Campus Communications Infrastructure
  • UITS Support Systems, Licensing, and Software Distribution
  • UITS Support Center
  • UITS Cloud Technology Support

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