Submit a Taskstream assignment in Canvas

  • Taskstream is only available to students enrolled in the Schools of Education on the IUPUI, South Bend, and Southeast campuses.
  • If you receive a message indicating that your account has expired when you attempt to log in, contact the Taskstream Coordinator for your campus. If you are currently enrolled at IU and covered under the current license agreement with Taskstream, your account will be reactivated.

If you are in a course or program that uses Taskstream for assessment or other purposes, you may be asked to submit a Taskstream assignment within Canvas. You can access Taskstream assignments from the Canvas Assignments tool, or from the Modules tool if your instructor has placed the assignment in a module.

To access and submit a Taskstream assignment:

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course containing the Taskstream assignment.
  2. In the course navigation menu, if you access your assignments via the Modules tool, click Modules. Otherwise, click Assignments.
  3. Locate the assignment associated with Taskstream in the assignment list.
  4. Click the title of the assignment to open it. Depending on how your instructor configured the assignment, it may open within the Canvas wrapper or it may open in a new window. You'll see the "Taskstream Submission" screen listing one or more requirements for the assignment. Click the title of a requirement to read the directions and submit your work.
    Screenshot highlighting the title of an assignment in Taskstream
    If you receive an error while trying to open the assignment, there may be a discrepancy between your Canvas account and your Taskstream account. Contact your campus Support Center.
  5. When you open the requirement, you'll be on the Directions tab. Read the directions, and then click the Work tab.
  6. Click the tab that corresponds to the type of work you wish to submit, + Attachments, + Text & Image, or + Video.
  7. From the "Add/Edit" content screen, browse for or enter your content. When you're finished, click SAVE AND RETURN to return to the Work tab.
    Screenshot highlighting the SAVE AND RETURN button in the assignment submission workflow
  8. From the Work tab, if you wish, select another content type to add to your submission.
  9. When you have completed all of the requirements for the assignment, click SUBMIT WORK.
    Screenshot highlighting the SUBMIT WORK button in the Taskstream assignment submission workflow

In the future, you may receive an email message notifying you that your submission has been formally evaluated in Taskstream. To view the evaluation, open the assignment as described in steps 1-4 above, and then click the Results and Comments tab.

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