ARCHIVED: Known issues with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) at IU

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Following is information about the status of known university-wide issues with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) at Indiana University.

Application Issue description Workaround
IU VPN Pulse Secure may not be able to establish a VPN connection and may report Keychain errors. Install Pulse Secure 5.1.5 or later, available from IUware.
Microsoft Office 2016 Office 2016 applications may experience frequent hangs and crashes. There have been some reports that this may deactivate Office's license. Update to Mac OS X 10.11.1 or higher and the latest version of Microsoft Office 2016.
Microsoft Office 2011 Office 2011 applications may experience frequent hangs and crashes. There have been some reports that this may deactivate Office's license. Update to version 14.5.6 or later.
Reinstalling or recovering El Capitan To reinstall or recover El Capitan, you need an active internet connection. If you are on campus, UITS recommends using the wired Ethernet network instead of wireless. However, if IU Secure is your only option, see Connect to an IU wireless network in macOS if I am booted from my Recovery HD. Once you El Capitan is installed, you can use IU Secure normally (e.g., to install software updates).
Microsoft Lync 2011 After upgrading to El Capitan, Lync 2011 may crash or frequently disconnect. Upgrade Lync to version 14.2.1 (or later).
Citrix Receiver Citrix Receiver does not launch properly. Make sure you have Citrix Receiver 12.0 or later installed and properly configured; see Set up and use IUanyWare.
Symantec Encryption Desktop (formerly PGP) Symantec Encryption Desktop is not compatible with El Capitan.  
Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection SCEP is not compatible with El Capitan. SCEP may still work. If SCEP is installed before upgrading to El Capitan, it may continue to function.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Symantec Endpoint Protection is not compatible with El Capitan. Upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 MP2 or later, but see Recommended antivirus software at IU.
Boot Camp Boot Camp no longer offers driver support for Windows Vista. Install Windows 7 or later.
PowerPC applications PowerPC applications do not run in OS X 10.11. IU no longer distributes any PowerPC applications. However, some users may still have older versions of software (e.g., versions of Microsoft Office older than 2008) installed on their systems; these will no longer work.  
Maple Creating a 3-D plot, or opening a worksheet that includes a 3-D plot, causes Maple to become unresponsive.  

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