Use IU eTexts to order digital course materials

Indiana University instructors can use the IU eTexts Order Tool to order engaging, discounted course materials for their classes. For more about IU eTexts, including a list of participating publishers, see IU eTexts publisher partners.

For a video demonstrating the process described below, see How to Order an IU eText.

  • Ordering periods begin on September 2 for the subsequent spring and winter terms, and on February 2 for the subsequent summer and fall terms. The duration of each order period varies by campus. For campus specific deadlines, see Deadlines/Timeline.
  • When an ordering period closes, the Order Tool is no longer available to faculty and coordinators. To place post-deadline orders, follow the procedure in Post-Deadline Ordering.

To begin, go to the IU eTexts Portal in One.IU, and launch the task.

  1. A list of your teaching assignments for the current ordering period(s) will display.

    'Instructor Courses' in IU eTexts Order Tool

    You should see courses from the upcoming term for which you are listed as instructor of record. If you were recently added as instructor of record by your campus Registrar, it may take two overnight refreshes of the Student Information System (SIS) for your assignments to appear in the IU eTexts Order Tool.

  2. To begin an order, find the appropriate course code and select the course format box located directly beneath the course code (for example, Lecture). You should see the course sections for which you are authorized to place orders. To add sections to your order, check the boxes of individual sections or choose Select All to add all of them. Then, in the bottom right, select Start Order.

    Select the section(s) for which you are ordering eTexts

  3. On the "Add Content" screen, enter search terms to find your title; search by International Standard Book Number (ISBN), title, publisher, or any material data. For best results, search using the title's 13-digit ISBN (from the IU eTexts Catalog); don't include dashes or spaces:

    Search using the title's 13-digit ISBN number (from the IU eText Catalog)

    If you want to upload an unlisted Open Educational Resource (OER) or your own materials, enter FACULTYUPLOAD and select Search.

  4. In your search results, choose the Add icon ('Add/Select' icon) corresponding to the appropriate title and format.

    Example of a selectable search result in the IU eTexts Order Tool

    If multiple results are displayed for a title, check the ISBN, edition, and format to ensure you are ordering the version you want. The title's format is signified by an icon to the left of the title. You should see either the eText icon (eText format icon) for standalone eTexts or the DLT icon (DLT icon) for publisher courseware (such as WileyPlus, Pearson MyLab, McGraw Hill Connect, and others).

    When you select a title, its Add icon ('Add/Select' icon) turns into a Remove icon ('Remove/Deselect' icon) to indicate that you have selected that title. Also, in the top right corner, the Checkout icon ('Checkout' icon displaying number of items selected) turns red and displays the number of titles in your cart.

    Example of selected search result in IU eTexts Order Tool


    If no results are returned for the search terms you entered, you will see a "No Results Found" dialog box. This does not mean your title is not available. The IU eTexts team will need to research your title's availability to determine whether it can be added to the IU eTexts Catalog. To request that your content be added:

    1. Select Add Content Request.

      If your search has no results, you can select 'Add Content Request' to request that your content be added.

    2. Complete the form, and then select Add Content Request.

      'Add Content Request' form screenshot

  5. To add another title for the same course and section numbers, repeat the previous two steps. When you are finished, select Checkout ('Checkout' icon displaying number of items selected).
    You must select Checkout ('Checkout' icon displaying number of items selected) to submit your content request.
  6. A new order form for your course code and class name will be displayed. To complete your order:
    1. Review your order.
    2. If you will receive royalties from a publisher for the use of this material, check the box in the Royalties section.
    3. Check the I agree box to agree to the IU eTexts terms and conditions.
    4. Select Submit to place your order.

After placing your order, you should see an on-screen message notifying you that your order has been successfully completed, and your shopping cart should be empty. You also will receive a confirmation email with your order number and details. Keep this email for future reference.

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