Add a new or temporary instructor to a course in Canvas at IU

At Indiana University, instructors automatically have access to courses in Canvas for which they are listed as the Faculty of Record. In some instances (for example, when an instructor is unavailable due to a long-term illness), a school or department may need to add a new or temporary instructor to a course.

  • Permanent: To permanently add an instructor as Faculty of Record for a course, the appropriate school or department administrator should contact the campus Registrar to request the change. The new instructor will have access to the course in Canvas within 24 hours of the Registrar making the change. If the instructor needs immediate access in Canvas, email eLearning Design & Services Help using the Temporary instructions below.
  • Temporary: If the teaching assignment is temporary (for example, the original instructor is ill) or a new instructor needs immediate access to a course in Canvas, the Dean or Chair should email eLearning Design & Services Help with a request similar to the following; make sure to include an IU email address for each instructor and the appropriate course ID(s):

    My name is Dean/Chair's name, and I am the Dean/Chair of department name. Please add the following individuals as instructors to the courses listed below:

    • SP20-BL-MATH-M100-12345
    • SP20-BL-MATH-M100-67890

    Thank you,

    Dean/Chair's signature

    Course IDs take the form semester-campus-subject-course_number-section_number (for example, SP20-BL-MATH-M100-67890); for help, see Canvas administrator basics. If you can't find the official course ID, provide the ID number from the end of the course's URL in Canvas (for example,

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