About international Two-Step Login (Duo) access and restrictions to some services

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While traveling or studying outside of the U.S., you may experience issues while accessing some services offered at Indiana University. A service may be slower than normal, or access may be restricted altogether due to government regulations.

Adobe Creative Cloud at IU

For a list of countries where Adobe Creative Cloud products can be accessed, see Adobe Creative Cloud Availability.

Canvas at IU

For a list of countries where Canvas access is restricted, see Which countries are restricted from using Canvas?

While China is not listed as a country with restricted access, the use of Canvas as well as its external (LTI) tools may be slow or restricted.


You may see a message stating:

Access denied. Duo Security does not provide services in your current location.

For more, see the Duo documentation on this topic.

Google at IU

For a list of countries where Google products are restricted, see Countries or regions where G Suite is available.

Kaltura at IU

While access to Kaltura is not formally restricted in any country, students and instructors have reported access issues from China.

Microsoft at IU

For a list of countries where Microsoft products are restricted, see Exporting Microsoft Products.

Zoom at IU

For a list of countries where Zoom access is restricted, see Restricted countries or regions.

Also, see Accommodate international students who can't access Zoom.

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