View shared content in Microsoft OneDrive at IU

By default, sites shared with you (either associated with teams created in Microsoft Teams at IU, or created from within Microsoft OneDrive at IU) may not display under "Quick access" on the Microsoft OneDrive at IU website.

After creating a Microsoft Teams instance (or a shared site from within OneDrive), to ensure it will show in the sidebar under "Quick access" (or under "More places", if you have more than eight shared sites):

  1. If the instance was just created, wait 15 minutes.
  2. Navigate to Microsoft 365 at IU, log in, and select OneDrive. Look under "Quick access" on the left to see if the site appears. If it does, you can select it, and then select Pin to Quick access if you want it to always appear on the left.
  3. If it does not appear, select More places, and then Go to SharePoint. If the Shared Library appears there, select the star beside it to follow it.
    If you cannot see More places, this may mean that either you do not have access to enough shared sites to see it (in which case, the shared site should be in the side bar), or that the list hasn't been fully populated yet (if it is the latter, proceed to step 4).
  4. If the shared site doesn't appear, type the name of the Microsoft Teams instance or shared site (or at least part of it) into the search bar at the top, and then press Enter. Select the name of the Microsoft Teams instance or shared site in the search results, and then select the star at the top right of the page to follow it.
    If it does not appear in the search results, the shared site may still be generating. If it appears and you can navigate to the site, but you cannot see the follow button, you may need to clear the cache and cookies in your browser.

Alternative options include:

  • Select the link to the shared site in the creation email message, and then select Follow in the top right.
  • If the shared site is associated with a team in Microsoft Teams at IU, open the team in Microsoft Teams, navigate to the channel associated with the shared site, select Files, select Open in SharePoint, and then select the star in the top right to follow it.

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Last modified on 2023-04-17 11:17:34.