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During the spring 2021 semester, UITS is upgrading the IU List service, including an update to the web interface. Mailing lists began using the new web interface as they were migrated to a temporary pilot environment by campus domain over the course of several weeks. Now that all lists have been migrated to the pilot domain, all lists will shift back to the original URLs for the web interface, with the new site replacing the old one.

Email commands are largely unaffected by this upgrade. However, some email commands that were previously placed in the body of email messages may now need to be placed in the subject line instead. For best results when using email commands:

  • When sending a single command, put it in the subject line of the message, and leave the body blank.
  • When sending multiple commands in a single email message:
    • Leave the subject line blank and put all the commands in the email body.
    • Put every command on a new line.
    • Send your message in plain text, not in HTML (no formatting).
    • Don't include anything in the body other than Sympa commands; do not include a signature block.

Email messages will appear slightly different during the upgrade progress (see While your list is in the pilot domain.)

If your campus domain has been migrated to the pilot environment, requests to create, delete, or rename mailing lists may take longer to process. If you receive a notification that your request failed, it may take up to 24 hours for the change to be in place.


The various campus domains are being migrated according to the following tentative schedule. All lists associated with a given domain will be migrated between 5am and 9am on the listed date.

  • February 7: and
  • February 14: and
  • February 21: and
  • February 28: and
  • March 7:
  • March 21:
  • May 14: List change freeze begins at 5pm. Do not make list configuration changes or add or remove subscribers from this time until 9am May 16. Any changes you make during this window will be lost.
  • May 16: All domains switch from the pilot domain to the normal campus domain. The web interface will be unavailable for part of this maintenance window. Email sent during the maintenance window will be delivered, but there may be some delays. Archives will be synced following the migration back to the campus domains, so that they include all email messages.

What you should do

While your list is in the pilot domain

As a list owner, you should have received an email notification as your list migration to the pilot domain began and another when it was complete.

If you received a notification that your lists have migrated, but you don't see yourself listed as the owner of any lists when you log into the IU List web interface, you may be listed as the owner of one or more lists under an email address that is not your primary email address. Contact IU List Support for assistance with updating your email address.

After your list is migrated to the pilot domain:

  • If you need or want to use a separate IU List password (for example, if you are not affiliated with IU or are using an IU Guest account), you'll need to set a new one in the pilot domain. See Set, change, or reset your IU List password. If you plan to log in with your main University account, you can use IU Login, and don't need to set a separate password unless you wish to.
  • List owners should verify that owners, settings, subscribers, and archives (if enabled) are all correct, and contact the Support Center in the event of any errors.
  • You'll begin using new instructions (included in relevant documents in this Knowledge Base) when making changes using the web interface.
  • Owners can make changes at the temporary site; however, the standard URLs will redirect to the pilot URL.
  • You can continue to send mail to the same list address you've always used. Addresses like will be set to automatically redirect to Email messages will appear slightly different in that they will contain the pilot address.

After the full migration is complete

After all campus domains have been moved to the pilot domain, UITS will revert all lists back to the standard domains, removing the pilot domain support. Following that final migration:

  • Owners should use (the original URL) to make changes to the list. The new interface will appear at this URL, and pilot URLs will no longer function.
  • You should send all email messages to the list address you used before the upgrade, The pilot address will no longer function.

Get help

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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