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After the retirement of IU Box, some IU personnel may need to maintain a Box account for collaborations outside of Indiana University. For example, if you need to access files using your IU account as part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, or as part of a professional organization to which you belong, you may wish to keep a Box account that is associated with your IU email address. To accommodate this need, all Box users at IU can choose to convert their IU Box account to a personal "lite" account hosted by

However, all data owned by your IU Box account will be permanently deleted as part of this process, and only data on which you collaborate with other institutions or entities will remain visible to you. If you have any data owned by your IU Box account that you need, and you have not yet migrated that data to another location, ensure that it is migrated before submitting a conversion request.

If you have a need to continue accessing Box data at other institutions using your IU email address after the IU Box retirement, UITS recommends you submit a request before June 30, 2021, as you will not be able to create a new personal account at with your IU email address until six months after IU's contact with Box expires, and there are some additional benefits provided with the conversion (see the form for details).

To request conversion of your IU Box account, fill out the form at Convert your IU Box account to a account. If you have not received email notifications that your account has been moved to within an hour, contact your campus Support Center.

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