About read-only IU Box accounts

On March 1, 2021, nearly all IU Box accounts were set to read-only. While they are still fully accessible, it is no longer possible to edit, delete, or upload files to your IU Box account. Because this is an account-level change, it prevents all editing, even on folders not owned by IU Box accounts. If you still need to work with external collaborators, you can request to have your IU Box account converted to a Box.com account. For details, see Convert your IU Box account to a Box.com account.

Attempts to upload, edit, or delete data on Box will fail. The error message you see will depend on the access method you used:

  • Box web interface: Buttons and menu options will either be grayed out or unavailable. If you attempt a drag-and-drop upload, it will either not work at all or will return "Some Uploads Failed" and "Oops! There's an error due to insufficient permissions" errors.
  • Box Drive: Attempting to upload or edit a file or folder will produce a "You have insufficient permissions to upload <name of the file/folder>" error, followed immediately by, "<name of the file/folder> could not be updated." It will also put a red warning badge on or next to the file or folder's icon. Attempting to delete an item will produce "You have insufficient permissions to delete <name of the file/folder>". In some cases, notifications and icon badges may not be displayed. To show problems, click the Box icon in the menu bar or system tray, then the gear in the search box that appears, and then the "Error Updating" menu item.
  • Box Sync: Making changes will result in an "Items not synced" error. Also, if you attempt to edit or upload a file or folder, it will add an orange or red badge to the item's icon. If an item is deleted, it may disappear in Box Sync, but will not be removed from Box itself. In some cases, notifications and icon badges may not be displayed; however, clicking the icon for Box Sync in the menu bar or system tray will still show an "Error syncing" menu item.
  • Box for iOS or Android: Buttons and menu options often will either not be present or will be unresponsive. In cases where they do work, performing tasks that require write access will fail. The specific errors vary, but usually either indicate the action was unsuccessful or specify that you don't have sufficient permission.
  • Kumo: The precise error varies depending on the program you are using, but it will usually produce a network or a permissions error.

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