National Center for Genomic Analysis and Support (NCGAS) ended operation December 31, 2021

Service changes

NCGAS was funded as a national resource provider via multiple awards from the National Science Foundation over a 10-year period. NCGAS operations ceased when the current grant ended December 31, 2021.

Changes to four main NCGAS services include:

1. Cyberinfrastructure services on Indiana University (IU) hardware infrastructure: Ended November 30, 2021 for affiliate accounts (non-IU)

NCGAS will no longer be able to support non-IU accounts (affiliates) on IU infrastructure. Affiliate accounts will not be renewed past December 31, 2021. This will affect non-IU accounts with data stored on:

  • Slate-Project Spaces: /N/project
  • Slate Spaces: /N/slate
  • Slate-Scratch Spaces: /N/scratch
  • Archive Space: SDA

All non-IU (affiliate) users needed to move their data from IU hardware infrastructure before November 30, 2021.

NCGAS will continue to be an XSEDE Service Level 3 service provider until December 31, 2021. The NCGAS team can assist in finding resources where non-IU users' data/work can be relocated.

Below are some suggestions for this transition.

  • Find a new home:
    • NCGAS Cyberinfrastructure Explorer (NCGAS CIRE): A searchable site for finding infrastructure to meet your needs.
    • XSEDE Machine Listing: Bridges2 is excellent for heavy lifting, Jetstream will work for jobs requiring lower memory, and Ranch is a good storage resource for archiving.
    • Jetstream2 will launch in late 2021 and will have nodes with a memory footprint and software stack comparable to IU's Carbonate supercomputer. Check for transition instructions on the NCGAS blog after Jetstream2 launches.
  • Get an XSEDE account: Your first step in getting access to the machines listed above
  • How to get a start up allocation on XSEDE: Information on startup and trial allocations
  • How to move to a new machine with Globus: A list of blogs on setting up and using Globus

NCGAS personnel will be reaching out individually to all users who have data on IU systems to make the transition as smooth as possible and help users find the best place to do their work.

2. Software support and workflows

As NCGAS can no longer support affiliate users of IU systems, software support will also be changing.


  • Biocontainers can be used on most clusters and clouds. It is a low-barrier route to getting software installed without learning a dozen different methods. Take the new biocontainers tutorial, an introduction to the community project to make easy-to-share, easy-to-install software.
  • Refer to the software installation NCGAS blogs on traditional software installation for the myriad ways to install software.
  • For installation instructions for any of the software currently on the Carbonate supercomputer, email NCGAS keeps a record of all the instructions, so installation can be streamlined for most packages.


NCGAS workflows (current and new) will be converted so they are fully portable. As they become available you can download them from the NCGAS git repo and run them on any cluster with SLURM and singularity, or directly on a cloud VM. Current workflows include genome-guided differential expression, de novo assembly and annotation of RNAseq, RADseq analysis, genome annotation, and microbial genome assembly.

3. Consulting services

Through December 31, 2021, NCGAS will continue to accept tickets from the national community. NCGAS welcomes continued collaboration with outside groups, but these collaborations will have to be at the funded proposal/subaward level.

For on-going support, XSEDE offers Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS). ECSS is XSEDE's research support arm for members of the XSEDE user community.

4. Training and workshops

NCGAS will continue to offer online training and tutorials across several platforms, including a repository of past workshops, webinars, and tutorials.

Synchronous workshops will continue, though there may be limited capacity.

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