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Following is a guide to the Student Summary page in Advising Records (AdRx). It is intended for authorized users with appropriate access to student information.

To access the Student Summary page in AdRx:

  1. Go to AdRx.
  2. Click Faculty/Staff Login.
  3. If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase.
  4. Search for a student, and then click the resulting record. (For help, see the "Find a student" KB document.)

The Student Summary page is displayed. Its three main sections, the left panel, the information section, and the "Add Contact Note" slide-out, are described below.

Left panel

The left panel contains the student's CrimsonCard photo with the following information below it:

Left Panel of Student Summary in AdRX
  • If the student has added a name recording via NameCoach, you will see the Hear NameCoach recording icon ('Hear NameCoach recording' icon); click the icon to hear an audio recording of the student's name.

    If the student has identified pronouns in the SIS Student Center, those will be displayed beneath the student's name. If the student has not identified pronouns, "not specified" will be displayed.

  • The student's class, GPA, and cumulative credits
  • The student's career and areas of study (click the corresponding down arrow to view campus and program details)
  • Assigned advisors (click the corresponding down arrow to view the student's advisors and/or advising offices)

Quick Links provides access to the following applications:

  • OnBase: Authorized AdRx users can access OnBase to add and view documents related to the student's academic record. For help, see the "Documents" KB document.
  • SIS Links (student specific): These are direct links to SIS functions. Using these links, you can quickly scan SIS data about the selected student without opening another browser window or having to navigate through various SIS menus.
  • iGPS Plan: This opens the student's Full Plan View in iGPS.
  • Schedule Builder: This opens Schedule Builder.
  • SAS Calendar (as student): If enabled, the SAS Student View shows the student's upcoming, past, and canceled advising appointments, allowing you to help the student schedule appointments with other advisors when needed.

Information section

The information section contains four tabs: Student Summary, Insights, Additional Info, and Contact History.

Student Summary tab

By default, you will land on the Student Summary tab, where you will find cards containing various elements of the student's record. These cards are divided into two columns; the first column of cards provides more details and is updated regularly.

  • INSTGEC Milestone: If the student has completed the INSTGEC milestone, a message indicating the milestone is displayed at the top of the page; for example:

    INSTGEC milestone notification

  • Service Indicators: Tabs show the number of positive and/or negative service indicators attached to the student's record; click a tab to view details about the service indicator(s).

    Tabs that show the number of the positive and/or negative service indicators attached to a student's record

  • Action Items: Open AdRx Action Items associated with the student are displayed.

    Action Items card

    • Click an item's description to view its Action Item Details page.
    • Click Manage Action Items to open your Action Items page, filtered to display open items associated with the student.
  • Campaigns: Open AdRx Campaigns that the student is participating in, and view the student's status ("Not Started", "In Progress", or "Completed").
  • Student Profile: View the student's academic standing items, current class permissions, and active student groups.

    'Student Profile' tab

  • Demographic Info: View the student's biodemographic, residency, and visa status information.

    'Demographic Info' tab

  • Contact: View the student's address and phone information.

    'Contact' tab

  • Schedule: View the student's schedule for the most recent enrolled semester. Use the arrows to cycle through schedules from other semesters.

    'Schedule' (top) in AdRx Student Summary

    The student's program, hours earned, and GPA are displayed at the bottom of the card (sorted by campus).

    Schedule (bottom) in AdRx Student Summary

The second column of cards provides links to associated systems and the date of the last update to that card's information:

  • Bursar: The current balance as reported by the Office of the Bursar is displayed, but only the total amount owed (when greater than $0) is displayed.
  • SER: View new positive, negative, and/or neutral high-level SER feedback. Click View SER Feedback to open the SER Advisor View page for viewing detailed engagement feedback.

    SER Feedback card in AdRx Student Summary

    For more about SER, see the "Student Engagement Roster for advisors" KB document.

  • Scheduled Appointments: This card displays the student's upcoming appointments scheduled via the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS). Past SAS appointments that need an appointment note to close the contact loop also are displayed. Click + Note to open the Add Contact Note slide-out. A summary of the student's appointments with the duration of time included in those counts is shown. For more, see the "SAS appointments" and "AdRx contact notes" guides.
  • iGPS Plan: This card displays the date and time of the most recent update (if any) to the student's iGPS plan. Click View Plan to open the student's Full Plan View in iGPS.

    iGPS Plan card in AdRx Student Summary

  • Academic Advising Report: On the Academic Advising Report card:

    Academic Advising Report card in AdRx Student Summary

    • Click View AAR to access the Report Request page in SIS.
    • Click Archived AARs: to view summary details of any past AARs run on the student that were later archived.
    • Click What-if AAR to open the What-if Report page in SIS.
  • Enrollment Dates: This card displays the dates when the student can register for classes for the indicated semester and campus. This card also shows the date of the student's most recent enrollment.

    Enrollment Dates card in AdRx Student Summary

  • Milestones Completed: This card displays any Milestones the student has completed, along with a link to the SIS feature.

Insights tab

The Insights tab provides centralized access to important student engagement data and alerts to enhance advising conversations and promote advisor awareness of student academic performance. The AdRx Alerts card contains student academic information, such as negative SER feedback, low grade alerts from SER, and (over time) additional feedback that could signal ton an advisor that a student needs support or outreach.

Additional Information tab

The Additional Info tab contains the following information:

  • Raw Test Scores/Articulated Test Scores/Transfer Credits/Other Credits Earned: View details about credit articulated to the student transcript from one of these sources.
  • Admissions Information: View a summary of the student's admission statuses at all campuses where an application has been submitted.
  • External Education: View summary information about the student's high school and post-secondary education.

Contact History tab

On the Contact History tab (at the top of the page), AdRx provides access to all contact notes for that student.

Add Contact Note slide-out

Click Add Contact Note to open a panel where you can add new contact notes, appointment notes, and edit draft notes.

'Add Contact Note' slide-out in AdRx

For more about contact notes, see the "AdRx contact notes" guide.

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