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Gradescope is a platform for assignment and exam submission, grading, and analytics. It integrates with Canvas to facilitate the grading of bubble sheets, hand-written assignments and problems, and coding assignments. Instructors can design and print bubble sheets and scan them using a standard scanner. Flexible rubrics and artificial intelligence assist with the organization and consistent grading of handwritten answers.

Gradescope aids instructors in doing in-depth, rubric-based grading and marking of students' papers. The source papers may be hand-written or electronic (for example, PDF or Word files) or even Scantron forms. Rubrics may be prepared in advance, or may be created and modified dynamically during grading. Grading and marking can be done via selections from menus generated from the rubrics. PDF files of the graded and annotated papers are returned to the students. While the target audience is instructors in quantitative and/or coding courses, the software can be used to advantage in non-quantitative courses as well, for example, in grading and marking essays.

Sign up for the pilot

To join the pilot, go to Next.IU and click Join a Next.IU pilot. Fill in your information, and select Gradescope from the "Sign up for a pilot" drop-down menu. Enter the Canvas URL(s) of the course(s) you would like to try Gradescope in. Click Submit, and the Next team will be in contact with you.

Learn more

  • For general information about Gradescope, go to gradescope.com.
  • For additional details about using Gradescope:
    • View a recorded webinar about the basics of Gradescope.
    • View a series of short how-to videos at Get Started.
    • Search for written help documentation and FAQ articles in the Help Center.
    • Sign up for a Weekly Open Workshop (Get Started Workshop hosted every Thursday at 12pm Eastern Time).
    • Watch instructors share their experiences using Gradescope in User Experience Videos.
    • View a chaptered, 15-minute walkthrough of the student experience at Student Walkthrough of Gradescope.
    • Contact the Gradescope Customer Happiness team at help@gradescope.com. Upon request, the Customer Happiness team will schedule video calls and screen share.

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