Use Microsoft Teams Meetings as part of the Microsoft Teams Classes Canvas integration

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Things to consider

Microsoft Teams is best used as an asynchronous communication and collaboration tool for teaching and learning. At this time, UITS Learning Technologies does not recommend using Microsoft Teams Meetings for class meetings. Zoom is IU's supported tool for class meetings and recordings.

There are many reasons not to use Microsoft Teams Meetings for class. Before you decide to do so, consider the following:

  • Access: Students can only join the meeting via the "General" channel of their class team while the meeting is occurring (in other words, you will not be able to preemptively send out a meeting link).
  • Saving recordings: Meeting recordings are saved in different locations based on how they were initiated.
  • Accessibility: Getting closed captions of the recordings requires the extra steps of importing the video from Microsoft Teams (see Import content to Kaltura from OneDrive or Microsoft Teams) and then sharing the Kaltura recordings via Canvas or Microsoft Teams.

Use Microsoft Teams Meetings as part of Microsoft Teams Classes in Canvas

If you decide to hold class sessions in Microsoft Teams Meetings and record those meetings, use only the following procedure for starting, recording, and sharing your meetings:

  1. Use the Microsoft Teams Classes integration in Canvas to create your class team; for instructions, see About the Microsoft Teams Classes integration in Canvas at IU.
  2. Direct your students to enter their class team's "General" channel at the scheduled meeting time.
  3. In the class team "General" channel, click Meet now (the camera icon) in the upper right.
  4. Your students in the "General" channel will receive an invitation inside of Microsoft Teams to join the meeting.
    If students are not in the "General" channel, they will not see the invitation to join the meeting.
  5. Choose to record your meeting.
  6. At the end of the meeting, your recording will be saved in the Files tab of the class team, in a folder named Recordings.
  7. Although your students will be able to access the recordings within the class team, UITS recommends that you import the video into Kaltura in order to have the recording auto-captioned and to facilitate professional captioning if such an accommodation is requested.

    You can post Kaltura recordings in Canvas; for details, see Upload and share video in Canvas with Kaltura.

    In addition, to incorporate a Kaltura recording in Microsoft Teams:

    1. Get the Kaltura app from Microsoft 365; for instructions, see Use Kaltura with Microsoft Teams.
    2. Open the Kaltura app. All of your videos stored in Kaltura will appear.
    3. Choose the recording(s) you wish to share with the class.

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