About the student email move from Gmail at IU to Exchange

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Student email has moved from Google to Microsoft Exchange Online

As of May 17, 2022, Exchange Online is the official university email for all IU students.

IU made this change for several reasons:

  • Students previously used a different email platform than faculty and staff, which caused issues with calendaring, address books, and spam filtering. Having all students, faculty, and staff on the same email platform allows students to make appointments more easily with faculty and staff.
  • The IU email system no longer delivers student email messages to faculty/staff spam folders.
  • Microsoft's email system provides advanced cybersecurity protection built into Microsoft 365 at IU.
  • Students have improved access to the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams at IU and can use it to schedule meetings.
  • The company that provides Canvas (Instructure) plans to integrate with Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Teams for videoconferencing. This will make working in Canvas easier for students and instructors.
  • Many companies use Microsoft Exchange Online, so becoming familiar with the platform is another way to make IU students workforce-ready.

Google at IU is not going away

You can still use apps, including Google Drive and others available with your Google at IU account.

How to access your mail

  • You can always access your email via a web browser by visiting mail.iu.edu.
  • UITS recommends using the Outlook app for your mobile device. For instructions for various devices, see Read your email.
  • For short how-to videos about how to access your new Exchange Online account on the web, mobile, or desktop, see emailmigration.iu.edu.

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