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Student email is moving from Google to Microsoft Exchange Online

Starting May 17, 2022, Exchange Online will be the official university email for all IU students, although it may take a few days for all your Gmail items to migrate.

Why IU is switching student email providers

IU is making this change for several reasons:

  • Currently, students use a different email platform than faculty and staff, which leads to issues with calendaring, address books, and spam filtering. Having all students, faculty, and staff on the same email platform will allow students to make appointments more easily with faculty and staff.
  • The move to Exchange Online will prevent the IU email system from delivering student email messages to faculty/staff spam folders.
  • Microsoft's email system comes with advanced cybersecurity protection, and is built into Microsoft 365 at IU.

Additional advantages

  • Students will have improved access to the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams at IU and will be able to use it to schedule meetings.
  • The company that provides Canvas (Instructure) plans to integrate with Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Teams for videoconferencing. This will make working in Canvas easier for students and instructors.
  • Many companies use Microsoft Exchange Online, so becoming familiar with the platform is another way to make IU students workforce-ready.

Google at IU is not going away

You'll still be able to use apps, including Google Drive and others available with your Google at IU account.

Your email address and messages

Your username and passphrase

You'll continue to use the same username and passphrase, with no need to sign up for a new account.

Your old messages

UITS will move your Gmail messages to Exchange Online for you, and your old messages will be saved.

If you have both a Gmail at IU and an IU Exchange Online account

If you currently have both a Gmail at IU and an Exchange Online account, the accounts will be merged and all your data will move to Exchange Online.

During the migration, if you log into your Exchange Online account via the web, you may see a pop-up in the upper right corner of your web browser indicating that your email is being forwarded to username@xmail.iu.edu. Do not click the "Turn off" option within this pop-up! You may safely ignore it.

If you have multiple IU email addresses

If you have been sending mail from multiple IU email domains (for example, iupui.edu, iu.edu, etc.), you will keep those addresses after your Gmail at IU and Exchange Online accounts are merged. For help sending mail from multiple email addresses in Outlook, see Microsoft's support documentation.


You don't need to do anything right now! UITS will let you know when you can start setting up your devices for a smooth transition to Exchange Online.

  • March 12, 2022: UITS will stop creating Gmail at IU accounts for new students. New applicants and students coming to IU will receive Microsoft Exchange Online accounts.
  • March 13 to May 16: Continue using Gmail to access your email.
  • April 15,2022: Graduating seniors and some alumni can opt out of the move until this date.
  • May 17, 2022: The change will be complete, and you will log in to your new Exchange Online account to read your email.

How you'll access your mail beginning May 17

  • For short how-to videos about how to access your new Exchange Online account on the web, mobile, or desktop, see emailmigration.iu.edu.
  • UITS recommends that you use the Outlook app for your mobile device. For instructions for various devices, see Read your email.

    You can continue to use the Gmail app if you wish, but you will need to delete your previous IU profile and then re-add the new profile.

  • Access your email via a web browser by visiting mail.iu.edu.

    The gmail.iu.edu URL will redirect to the new service, so don’t worry if you have it bookmarked.

  • If you are using another email app to read your Gmail email, you will need to reconfigure it to access Exchange Online. Find videos and links to detailed instructions for different devices and operating systems at emailmigration.iu.edu.

If you're graduating or leaving IU

If you are enrolled as an IU student on any campus, your access to your IU computing accounts remains active. After you have not been enrolled in any courses through the IU registrar for two consecutive terms (fall, spring, and summer are each considered one term), your IU computing accounts will become inactive. On May 17, if you are a current student, or have been out of school for less than two full terms, your account will be moved to Exchange Online. You'll receive email to let you know when your migration to Exchange Online is complete.

Any soon-to-graduate student (spring 2022) or former student (with an active Gmail at IU account) is eligible to create an email account with the IU Alumni Association. These accounts are based on the Gmail platform. For more, see About IU Alumni Association email accounts (members only).

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