Attend a Microsoft Teams meeting with American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters

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This is a guide intended for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing ASL users who may not yet be as familiar with the Indiana University administered Microsoft Teams environment.

Before the meeting

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. To maximize accessibility, don't be late.
  • For Deaf participants who use ASL, when you enter the Microsoft Teams session, be sure to mute your microphone.
  • Pin the ASL interpreters and other D/deaf and hard-of-hearing participants using the multi-pin feature. You can pin as many videos as will fit on your screen.
  • Check in with hosts and interpreters if the multiple pin function is not working. Communicate this immediately with the host via the interpreter.
  • Discuss any technical or context-specific signs with hosts and interpreters to save time and limit misunderstandings.

During the meeting

Follow these best practices to ensure you can access ASL interpretation during a Microsoft Teams meeting at which it is provided.

  1. Ensure that Chat has been enabled so you can communicate technical issues with the host and interpreter if direct visual contact with the interpreter is lost.
  2. If you have any questions, communicate them to the host through the interpreter. If direct visual contact with the interpreter is lost, use the Chat feature to communicate technical issues with the interpreter and the host.
  3. If the host uses breakout rooms, be sure to re-pin the interpreters and other D/deaf and hard-of-hearing participants' video thumbnails. This must be done every time you join a breakout room and re-join the main meeting.
  4. Re-pinning videos may also be necessary after screen-sharing is stopped.
  5. Consider asking the host to create a local recording of the meeting. The host will first need to discuss recording with the ASL interpreter to determine if any additional charges apply.

After the meeting

  1. If you had any difficulties during the meeting, provide your feedback to the hosts and interpreters.
  2. Be sure to also communicate the difficulties to the IU Microsoft Teams specialists by contacting your campus Support Center.

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