IUB STC and RTC lost-and-found policy

Student Technology Center (STC) consultants turn in found passports to the IU Police Department.


Purses, wallets, USB flash drives, and negotiable items (e.g., cash, checks, credit cards, student IDs) found in any STC are locked in a cabinet in that lab. If you've lost such an item, check with the consultant on duty; if there is no consultant on duty, call the Technology Center Consulting (TCC) desk at 812-855-3802, and someone will come open the cabinet.

Non-negotiable items (e.g., cell phones, books, coats, umbrellas, disks, CDs) are placed in lost-and-found boxes in the labs in which they are found, and items are recycled or moved to the main campus Lost and Found periodically. First check the lost-and-found box in the lab where you lost the item. Then, check the main campus Lost and Found office in Morrison Hall 005 (due to renovation, temporarily moved from its Ballantine Hall 031 location), 812-855-7372, open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

For STC hours and staffing, see Staffing in the IUB and IUPUI STCs.

Herman B Wells Library, Learning Commons, and STCs on the fifth floor

All items found in the Learning Commons (LC), LI 502, and LI 503 are taken to the Wells Library West Tower circulation desk (first floor off the main lobby). Periodically, these items are then taken to the East Tower circulation desk, the Wells Library's central Lost and Found location. Items are sent weekly (or more frequently if necessary) to the main campus Lost and Found office in Ballantine Hall 031 (812-855-7372), open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

No items are kept at the LC information services desk (i.e., the "Ask Questions Here" desk).

Music labs

Items found in the Music labs (M160, M360, M373) are taken to the circulation desk on the first floor.


The hotel check-in desk is the location for all lost and found items in the Union except Campus Access Cards, which are delivered to the Card Services desk adjacent to the Union STC.


Items found in the Residential Technology Centers (RTCs) are taken to the respective Center Desk.

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